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Black is dark, moody and dramatic! How many of you wear black almost everyday? I would say most of us do – it is a perfect neutral and pairs with everything. Every space needs to be grounded by something and the easiest way to do that is by using black.

Paint a feature wall black. This is a bold move but when paired with whites and luxurious textures the contrast is stunning! To give some added dimension try-adding moldings to create a pattern on your wall. Your space will not feel dark if it is incorporated with the proper elements. Black doors & windows are a another modern design trend that is ever evolving. Some may argue that this is "trendy", however to me it is a true classic (after all it is a neutral). Although this is referred to a modern look they still pair beautifully with a traditional styled home and assist in adding depth and visual impact.

Cabinetry – I am absolutely obsessed with black in kitchen cabinetry. Particularly I love pairing it with wood cabinetry as it gives such a warm cozy feel. Pair black cabinetry with metals like gold and rose gold to create a warm contrast. Right now, black is big in plumbing fixtures like faucets and granite composite sinks. We are even seeing it on shower doors with mullions, which really change the overall feeling in a bathroom design. It assists in adding character, especially in new builds. Black doesn’t always have to be dramatic, it can be as subtle as adding a black light fixture or hardware. It allows you to have something grounding the space. If your space was nothing but white, its going to feel bland – or as I usually say “oatmeal”. You need to have some contrast; with out it your space will be one-dimensional and may even feel unfinished.

Black tiles are also an easy way to introduce black. We are seeing these through the use of small penny tiles, large hexagon tiles and heavily patterned tiles that can be cement encaustics as opposed to the traditional porcelain tile. A very subtle way to use black when you’re tiling is grout! Maybe you have white subway tile that you’re installing and you want to make a subtle impact. Choose a black grout to add contrast which will not only make it more of a statement but it will also make it easier to clean. Let’s not forget function people!

Additional ways to add black into your space are; drapery, toss cushions, bedding table runners, area rugs, furniture and wallpaper. Be bold and make an impression!

Do you dare to use black in your space?


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