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Staying sane through COVID-19

So this was unexpected? We saw the news and read all of the articles, but did we see this coming? We were aware of what could happen but to this extent? I don’t think we realized this. Being cooped up at home can be very difficult for most people – I being one of them. I see the comments people make about “how hard is it to stay home?” My answer is “VERY HARD!” However, we all need to do our part in this and listen to the recommendations to stay home.


1. Get ready/ dressed everyday!

Get dressed as you normally would everyday if you were going to work. It doesn’t have to be to the same extent but DON’T stay in your pyjamas all day, everyday! Trick your mi

nd into thinking nothing has changed.

2. Keep a routine

Have your coffee, eat your daily meals, call, and text or email someone to keep socializing. Set the table all fancy and enjoy a romantic dinner with your partner if that was your typical Friday night.

3. Get outside

Go for a walk or run but remember to social distance. The weather is getting nicer so sit outside and enjoy the weather. Start that garden you’ve always wanted!

4. Eat healthy

Don’t forget to eat throughout the day as you normally would. Take this time to make healthier choices. Mimic a meal that you would normally get at your favourite restaurant.

5. Complete 1 task a day

This doesn’t have to be a huge task! It could be a simple as doing the laundry or cooking dinner. Hang those pictures up that you’ve been meaning to get to. Do you have some extra paint around the house? Touch up your walls. Just take a look around your home and complete the tasks that are in reach. You will feel accomplished!

These 5 things have helped me keep balance and structure in my daily life. If we change our routines to this new way of living it will help us get through this less of an ideal time!

Stay positive, for things will return to a new normal once places reopen.

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