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Working with Feminine Tones

More and more people are trying to create a softer feminine space that is calming and rejuvenating. Although bold colours or patterns are known to make a statement, soft delicate tones can also do just that!

I have come up with 5 steps below to achieve the ultimate feminine getaway.

1 – Tone

Various shades of pink are being incorporated into design throughout 2020. Before, you skip to the next blog post HOLD ON A MINUTE! We aren’t talking about fuchsia or neon pink. Think of calm tones like blush, off-white, bronze, taupe or greige. These shades of pink will create a warm and cozy space, and are the starting point for this look.

2 – Texture

Texture is the number one way to cozy up a space! Try using soft velvets that ooze elegance, faux fur accent cushions, a crochet knit blanket or pouf, shag rugs and mirror accents.

3 - Layers

This is your one stop shop to comfort! Try layering rugs, installing window treatments such as blinds or drapes and accessorizing with throws and pillows. Another way to layer your interiors is through the use of lighting. Lighting is often easily forgotten, but it is one of the easiest ways to create a mood in your space! Think of a crystal chandelier paired with table lamps.

4 - Organic Features

Organic features have a beautiful way or creating whimsy and softness to a space. This can be incorporated by using wispy floral artwork, area rugs and drapes, greenery or flowers and of course wallpaper. Other items like wood flooring or furniture and indoor water features are perfect for this feature.


5 - Warmth

This step is very important! You want your space to feel cozy and welcoming. Hints of bronze and/or gold metals, candles, a fireplace and exposed brick are sure to do the trick.


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